Habits Of Rich Single Women And How To Attract Them

rich single women

Picture rich single women: you are probably imaging a well-dressed, classy, and attractive woman. That’s exactly the definition of rich single women. They are classy, educated, and attractive; no wonder every man wants to hang out with them.

Do you have any idea of what drives wealthy single women? In this article, we will walk you through the habits of wealthy single women and also highlight some of the best ways to attract and meet rich women. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Habits Of Rich Single Women

#1. They Spend Money On Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, And Make Over

Rich single women have a natural liking for expensive clothes, shoes, hair handbag, and makeup kits. They can cough out their last dollar to purchase these things in a bid to look trendy, classic, and fashionable. They are also known to visit the most expensive spa for facials, massages, makeup applications; electrolysis; spa manicures and pedicures; body treatment such as wraps, exfoliation, and packs; aromatherapy; and hair services like styling, cutting, and coloring.

#2. They Travel A lot

Show us a rich single lady and we would point to an avid traveler. Research has it that most wealthy single women hardly stay in a city or state for a long period of time because they can afford to get on the next flight. Plus, they don’t have a husband and kids that may disrupt their cravings for traveling. Whether it is Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, or Texas, a rich single woman has toured major cities in the country.

#3. Rich Single Women Are Avid Readers

There is this popular statement from President Harry Truman which says “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” We agree with this statement in totality. One good reason rich single women create and maintain wealth is because they always read to learn new things. To an average rich single woman, biographies and leadership books are more valuable than the latest reality TV show. If you go close to any rich single lady, you will discover that when she has free time, she is either reading books or biographies.

#4. They Exercise To Keep Fit

Every rich single lady has a fitness center they regularly visit to maintain fitness. They understand the importance of fitness on their overall height. They also have a nutritionist who advises them or what to eat and what not to eat to maintain their figure 8 shape. No matter how busy their schedule is for the day, they would always make out time to hit the gym.

#5. The Have a Dream Team

Every rich single woman out there has different advisors – from beauty experts, fashion professionals, friends to financial advisors. They value and respect the opinion of these advisors. Rich single women understand that they cannot be masters of everything; as such they need advisors who are knowledgeable in the subjects they need help. For example, they have that beautician friend who they trust his/her opinion when they dress to attend an event.

#6. They Stay Away From Debt

There is a general misconception out there that rich women see debt as a tool for personal aggrandizement. This is not true, as most of them work hard to pay for what they desire. Anything they want but cannot afford at the moment, they save money and pay for it later. Student loans, car payments, as well as mortgage plans are some not the usual vocabulary you will hear from them. As a matter of fact, every dollar they earn stays with them to fund their lifestyle.

#7. They Budget

Let’s face it; your budget is your plan. There is no way you will build a million-dollar project without having a plan. Success doesn’t come by accident; you work for it following through with your plan. The average rich single woman you see on the street has a habit of budgeting every month. She knows exactly how much she earns in a month and the total dollar leaving her bank account. Budgeting helps rich single women to plan for the next trip, plus, their hotel accommodation.

#8. They Give

We understand that some of them can be selfish just like any other person. But the truth is that most wealthy single women are known givers with a good heart. Whether it is donating to a charity, paying tithe in church, or supporting family or friends, a rich single woman has a generous spirit. They understand that one of the biggest legacies they can leave behind is to help others. Little wonder they come together to pull their resources to help the poor and needy in the society using an NGO.

#9. They Are On Social Media

No doubt, wealthy single women are always in the office holding meetings with their clients and signing new deals, yet they still make out time to socialize online. They have a profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Now that you know the habits of millionaire women, how do you attract and flirt with them? Read on to find out!

How To Attract Rich Single Women

TV shows and movies might have taught us that to meet rich women; we must join yacht clubs and exclusive country. Of course, this is not completely true! You can meet a rich single woman in your Local Park or coffee shop if you intensify your search. Finding wealthy single women is not a difficult thing to do; the problem is attracting them and flirting with them. If you are really passionate about attracting a rich single lady, here are some great tips to get you started on your quest.

Dress Sharp

If there is one thing luxury single women love in men is their dress sense. So, if you want to impress and meet rich women, you’ve got to up your dress sense by dressing sharply and classy. You don’t have to be overly dressed like putting on a blazer to attract a rich single woman, what she’s actually looking at is whether or not you have a good fashion sense.

Be Relaxed And Nonchalant In Their Presence

Trust us; most of the elite rich single women out there have heard every pick-up line in the book. Hence, strive not to impress them with lies and do not play too clever when you are in their presence. Otherwise, they will see you as a desperate guy and may not want to be with you. This is exactly why you need to be relaxed whenever you find yourself in a rich single woman’s presence.

Always Compliment Her

If you manage to meet rich women, always try to complement their personality traits. Research has it that wealthy single women love it when a man appreciates and complements their personality traits, instead of beauty and dress sense. You don’t have to always compliment her beauty and fashion sense, she knows this already. So, to make her attracted to you, compliment her personality traits.

Play Hard to Get

Do you want to meet rich women? Then play hard to get if you manage to get their attention and they try to seduce you. For a fact, rich single women are looking for challenging men to be with, so if you can play hard to get when you are with them, they will be all over you.